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MacMillan Lodge

Is propane heated, and the central facility for Area events (but also available for Group/Section bookings). The building includes a complete kitchen with running hot & cold water, a propane range with oven and grill, large commercial fridge and freezer and telephone, two small bedrooms for leaders (with one triple bunk bed each), a large hall, and washroom with a fully accessible shower. This facility is wheel-chair accessible. 24 youth can sleep on the floor in the hall.

MacMillan Lodge:                                        Totals

Bedrooms            Sleeping (Adults only, bunks)  6

Hall floor             Sleeping                            24

MacMillan           Total Sleeping                     30          

Hall                    Meeting Tables & Chairs       116

Hall                    Meeting Chairs only             147

Wright Lodge

Is propane heated and fitted with18 bunks in a bedroom area. The building includes a limited kitchen (with running hot & cold water, a fridge and propane range with oven and grill), telephone and a small hall (which can also accommodate youth sleeping on the floor if required). This facility is wheel-chair accessible.

Wright:                                    Totals

Bedroom           Sleeping (bunks) 18

Hall floor           Sleeping           10

Wright              Total Sleeping    28

Hall                  Tables & Chairs  48

Dixon Center

Is also heated with propane. The building includes a limited kitchen (with running hot & cold water, a fridge and a propane range with oven and grill), telephone, small bedroom for leaders (with one triple bunk bed), and a large hall. Approximately 15 youth can sleep on the floor of the hall. This building is also wheel-chair accessible.

Dixon Centre:                                             Totals

Bedroom           Sleeping (Adults only, bunks)  2

Hall floor           Sleeping                            15

Dixon                Total Sleeping                     17

Hall                  Tables & Chairs                   72

Delaney Lodge


Has split interior and purpose: one side is a bunk house suitable for “Leaders Only”. It is normally used to supplement bunk space for Leaders who have a group in the Wright Lodge or as a central point for a First Aid Station for large events. It is heated electrically and can sleep four adults. It is also the office “working space” for the Camp Committee. It is equipped with telephone, sink with running hot & cold water, and a refrigerator. The other side has a washroom with running hot & cold water and heated with electric heat.

Delaney Lodge:                             Totals

First aid station    Adults only, bunks  3

For large events or extra leaders

Evans Lodge

 Is propane heated as well. The building includes two small bedrooms with bunk beds, a kitchen area with a fridge and propane stove, and an open area with couches and chairs. There is no running water. It is appropriate for use by groups of eight or fewer. The fireplace in the building has an electric fireplace insert for the look of a fire. The fireplace is unsafe for a real fire.

Evans Lodge                                    Totals

Bedrooms             Sleeping (8 bunks)  8

Sitting Area           Sleeping               2

Evans                   Total sleeping        10


No running water

Booth and Salkus chalets

Are two small cabins with electricity but no heat, fit for summer use only and fitted with two tiered bunks in each. These buildings are for Leaders use only.


Are six open-on-one-side (to the weather), unheated shelters with built in bunks, suitable for use in warm weather but can be used in all weather conditions. Four of the Ads have 12 bunks, two of the Ads have 8 bunks and one is wheelchair accessible. All of the other Ads are wheelchair accessible using a portable ramp if required. 

Outdoor Camping

In tents can be done at sites throughout the Camp property. Area events have accommodated up to twenty groups totalling 300 campers in tents on the grounds. Vault toilets are located near the outdoor camping areas.

  • Campfire Circles are located off the Gray commons and near the Wright Lodge and Dixon Centre. They are available for groups using the Camp and for groups wishing to have ceremonial campfire.

  • Chapel is located at the end of the trail off the Gray commons behind the campfire circle and is available to campers for Scouts Own ceremonies and other events appropriate to the use of a Camp chapel.

  • Waterfront area is available for camper use, but is limited and unsupervised for swimming, but works well for watercraft use. There is no vehicle access to the waterfront area.  


Co-ed camping groups shall not be afforded separate buildings for each gender. Because there are separate washroom facilities available it is considered that these provide adequate privacy for women and girls to use when changing. To do otherwise would be to prevent maximum usage of Camp facilities.

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