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Welcome to Camp Harris

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Siblings in the forest

Purpose of the camp

Camp Harris is operated by Scouts Canada through the Camp Harris Camp Committee to provide facilities for camping and scouting to members of the Scouting movement. The Camp is available for use to community-based, non-profit organizations, and corporations  providing they enter into a hold harmless agreement in accordance with Scouts Canada BPnP Section 13012; Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements, and provide proof of liability insurance, with each period of such use to be approved by the Camp Committee, based on its merits and the availability of Camp facilities.

About Camp Harris

Camp Harris is situated 8 kilometres from Cole Harbour (intersection of Cole Harbour and Forest Hills Drive) along the Lawrencetown Highway #207, turning inland for 1.2 kilometres along the Mineville Road to civic address #1250/1260. From Highway #107 take exit #18, drive for 4.4 kms to civic address #1250/1260. The Camp is a forested property on 40 acres of land, with only a few acres cleared to provide space for buildings and parking. There is limited walk-in access to a lake and a number of short trails. The Camp is surrounded on all sides by private property (for example, the access road from the Mineville Road is owned by a neighbour; Scouts Canada only has a right-of-way). The untended telephone at the Camp is listed under Scouts Canada in the telephone book (902-434-2684). At any time the camp is in use there is a Duty Scouter on call. The Duty Scouter can be reached by calling 902-221-0284. There are various facilities available for use by "campers" (this being the generic term used hereafter for persons using the Camp for any purpose):

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